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List of
Suggested Items
for the
Food Drive

Food Items

    White and Brown Rice,
    Instant Rice, Flavored Rice,
    Pasta, Egg noodles, Linguini, Elbows, Ziti, Orzo,
    Spaghetti Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Meatless Sauce,
    Packaged Dry Parmesean & Romano Cheese,
    Powdered Potatoes
    Au-Gratin Potatoes,
    Scalloped Potatoes,
    Boxed Hamburger, Chicken, & Tuna helper
    Meals In A Can
    Macaroni & Cheese,
    Baby Formula, Canned or Dry,
    Baby Cereal,
    All types of Baby Food


Boxed Cereal

    All Types of Cereal,
    Granola Cereal,
    Granola With Raisins,
    Bisquick, or Store Brand Pancake Mix,
    Bisquick or Store Brand Waffle Mix,
    Syrup - Reg. & Low Sugar or Sugar Free,
    Oatmeal - Regular & Flavored,
    Quaker or Store Brand Oatmeal,
    Quaker or Store Brand Quick Oats,
    Store Brand Flavored Oatmeal,
    Cream of Wheat - Flavored & Plain,
    Cream Of Rice - Flavored & Plain


Canned Goods

    Canned Meats,
    Canned Beef,
    Canned Pork,
    Canned Chicken,
    Canned Lamb
    Canned Shrimp,
    Canned or Pre-Packaged Salmon,
    Canned or Pre-Packaged Crab Meat,
    Canned or Pre-Packaged Tunafish,
    All types of Canned Vegetables,
    Canned Olives
    All Canned Fruit,
    Regular & Low Sugar & No Sugar Canned Fruit,
    Jellied and Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce,
    Peas, Lentils, and Beans all types, - ( Dry & Canned ),
    Canned Chili,
    Soups - Regular & W/O Noodles,
    Corn Chowder
    Clam Chowder
    Ramen Soup, Oodles of Noodles, or other Dry Soup,
    Canned Stews,
    Corned Beef Hash
    Roast Beef Hash
    Jelly - Regular & Sugar Free,
    Peanut Butter - Regular & No Sugar Added, or Natural


Misc Food Items



Non Food Items

Baby Products

Personal Hygiene Products

Over The Counter Medicine Cabinet Items

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