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Chronology of the
1925 Serum Run


Chronology of the 1925 Serum Run

This chronology is based on the original accounts with distances based on the estimated mail route distances.

*See Revised Chronology below as of 1989

Date Musher Trail Section Weather Miles
Jan 27-28 William "Wild Bill" Shannon & 9 dogs Railhead to Nenana to Tolovana -50 52
Jan 28 Dan Green & 8 dogs Tolovana to Manley Hot Springs  -30 F Wind Chill -70 F 31
Jan 28 Johnny Folger (Athabascan Native) & 8 Dogs Manley Hot Springs to Fish Lake -30 F 28
Jan 29 Sam Joseph (Tanana Tribe Native) Fish Lake to Tanana -35 F 26
Jan 29 Titus Nickoli (Athabascan Native) & 7 dogs Tanana to Kallands -40 34
Jan 29 Dave Corning Kallands to Nine Mile mail cabin -42 F 24
Jan 29 Edgar Kalland Nine Mile to Kokrines -44 F 30
Jan 29  Harry Pitka  (Part Native) Kokrines to Ruby -47 F White Out 30
Jan 29 Bill McCarty & 7 dogs Ruby to Whiskey Creek -43 F 28
Jan 29-30 Edgar Nollner & 7 dogs Whiskey Creek to Galena -40 F 24
Jan 30 George Nollner (Edgar's brother, with the same team) Galena to Bishop Mountain -50 F 18
Jan 30 Charlie Evans (22  year old half Athabascan Native) & 9 dogs (2 in sled due to cold) Bishop Mountain to Nulato -64 F 30
Jan 30 Tommy Patsy  (Patsy) (Koyukuk Native) Nulato to Kaltag -58 F 36
Jan 30 Jackscrew (Athabascan Native) Kaltag to Old Woman shelter house -50 F 40
Jan 30-31 Victor Anagick (Eskimo Native) Old Woman to Unalakleet -50 F Stormy 34 
Jan 31 Myles Gonangnan (Eskimo Native) & 8 dogs Unalakleet to Shaktoolik -40 F 40
Jan 31 Henry Ivanoff (Part Russian Eskimo)  starts Shaktoolik to Golovin but meets Seppala. blizzard  
Jan 31 Leonhard Seppala & Siberian team with Togo in lead.  Shaktoolik to Golovin warming breaking ice on sound 91 
Feb 1 Charlie Olson & 7 dogs Golovin to Bluff -30 F winds 50 mph 25
 Feb 1-2 Gunnar Kaasen & 13 dogs. Lead dog Balto from Seppala's kennel Bluff to Nome 80 mph winds 53

Total Time: 127.5 hours





Revised Chronology 1925 Serum Run  Mushers and trail covered as of 1989
Since the story of the Serum Race was mainly drawn from word of mouth, there may have been confusion as to who traveled what leg of the trail.  More recent study has produced the following Chronology of the Serum Race.

Trail Section

Musher Miles Date Weather
Railhead to Nenana to Tolovan William "Wild Bill" Shannon 52 Jan 27-28 -50 degrees
to Manley Hot Springs Edgar Kallands 31 Jan 28 -60 degrees
to Fish Lake Dan Green      
to Tanana Johnny Folger (Athabascan Native)      
to Kallands Sam Joseph (Tanana Tribe Native)      
to Nine Mile Cabin Titus Nickolai (Athabascan Native)      
to Kokrines Dave Corning   Jan 29  
to Ruby Harry Pitka (Part Native)      
to Whiskey Creek Bill McCarty     to -40 degrees
to Galena Edgar Nollner      
to Bishop Mountain George Nollner (Edgar's brother, with the same team)      
to Nulato  Charlie Evans (Half Athabascan Native)   Jan 30 to -64 degrees
to Kaltag Tommy Patsy (Patsy) (Koyukuk Native)      
to Old Woman "Jackscrew" (Athabascan Native)     to -50 degrees
to Unalakleet Victor Anagick (Eskimo Native)      
to Shaktoolik Myles Gonangan (Eskimo Native)      
to a rendezvous with Seppala  Henry Ivanoff (Part Russian Eskimo)   Jan 31  
to Golovin Leonhard Seppala   Feb 1  
to Bluff Charlie Olson     to -30 degrees, to 50 mph wind
to Nome Gunnar Kaason 53   to -20 degrees, to 80 mph wind